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ABSOGER (www.absoger.fr) are world leaders in Controlled Atmosphere technology and onsite nitrogen generation. The French company has been manufacturing and selling a complete range of systems dedicated to fruit and vegetable preservation in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Ultra-Low Oxygen (ULO) conditions since 1976. They are also specialists in onsite nitrogen generation to the global wine industry.

Benoit from ABSOGER in France
visits New Zealand. He is seen
here with a Hort Air Services client.

ABSOGER’s experience in manufacturing nitrogen generators and the scope of their experience has also seen them expand into the treatment of dry, cooled, and compressed air, especially in the plastic and petrochemical industry.

The Controlled Atmosphere products offered by ABSOGER provide complete solution from measurement to control of gases in the cold storage rooms and packing house for fruit conservation. These products have been developed in collaboration with various research centres in France, Belgium and the USA.

Hort Air Services are the exclusive distributor of ABSOGER products in New Zealand and Australia. All ABSOGER products are manufactured in Toulouse, France.

What is Controlled Atmosphere (CA)? learn more

Controlled Atmosphere has historically been used in large storage facilities where levels of atmospheric gases are continuously monitored and adjusted to maintain optimal concentrations. It is typically applied to commodities amenable to long-term storage such as apples, pears, kiwifruit, sweet onions and cabbage.

More recently, Controlled Atmospheres have been introduced to refrigerated containers for long distance transport by sea. The technology is being used for stone fruits and other commodities. The use of CA is increasing due to improved cost effectiveness in delivering extended shelf-life and enhanced produce quality. Good temperature control and management is critical to the efficacy of CA, which also must be maintained after the CA is broken and throughout the product’s distribution.

Benefits of CA include:

  • Extended post-harvest life by slowing down respiration
  • Reducing sensitivity to ethylene
  • Slowing browning reactions
  • Slowing softening of some fruits
  • Reducing some forms of physiological injury
  • Slowing the growth of some spoilage microorganisms
  • Extending the window for marketing stored product
What our clients say...

What our clients say...

“At Apollo Apples we replaced our existing nitrogen generators with ABSOGER onsite nitrogen generators and doubled our nitrogen production and halved our operating costs (power savings) as a result.  Combine that with Jason’s experience and knowledge of the horticultural industry and Controlled Atmosphere management, great customer service, advice and ongoing support, we couldn’t be happier.”

Mike Dobbs – Engineering Manager
Apollo Apples New Zealand Limited

For more information about how Hort Air Services can tailor make a solution for your Controlled Atmosphere and onsite nitrogen generator requirements, please contact us.

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