Succesful Few Months

1 November 2014

Hort Air Services has had an extremely busy but productive past few months. We've been succesful and managed to secure the following contracts/Installations: 

  1. Extreme ULO installation for 8 new CA rooms in Shepparton, Australia for the storage of Apple and Pears
  2. Ethylene Scrubber installation for tomato coolrooms in Cobram, Australia
  3. ULO installation for 6 new CA rooms in Hastings, New Zealand for the storage of Pears
  4. 25Kw PSA Nitrogen Generator for Apple customer in Hastings 
  5. Automatic CO2/O2 Controller for 7 room Applecustomer in Hastings
  6. Genius 4 Nitrogen Generator for the Bell Tea and Coffee Company in Auckland for their coffee bagging plant

Thank you to all our existing and new customers for your support during 2014. Hort Air Services is now preparing for an even busier 2015 season and to ensure everything runs just as smoothly again.

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