Mount Pack and Cool New Control Atmosphere Rooms

1 July 2018
Mount Pack and Cool New Control Atmosphere Rooms

Mount Pack and Cool Ltd's latest new facility constructed over the past 15 months here in Tauranga which opened for the start of the 2018 Kiwifruit harvest is a state of the art facility and game changer for the kiwifruit industry. Not only have they installed the latest in refrigeration, automated racking and control technology but inside the packhouse is suspened ceiling with flush mounted lighting, making you think you're in a upmarket office building.

Hort Air Services were chosen to supply, install and commission Mount Pack and Cools new 8 control atmosphere rooms with the latest equipment from ABSOGER in France. The equipment installed onsite is some of the most energy efficent and also designed specifcally for the new Zespri G3 kiwifruit variety. Zespri's new G3 variety has a much higher respiration than the standard green variety, creating higher volumes of both CO2 and ethylene inside a CA room.

The CO2 and ethylene scrubbers were designed to eliminate these larger volumes of CO2 and ethylene levels from each room having the added advantage of additonal capacity should Mount Pack and Cool require. The PSA nitrogen generator is fully automated and automatically injects nitrogen to each room when required.

If you're considering control atmosphere storage of Zespri's new G3 gold kiwifruit variety then contact us to discuss your requirements and talk with the industry experts to ensure your CA equipment is designed and sized correctly.


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