New CA Rooms for Local Hastings Pear Grower

1 March 2015
New CA Rooms for Local Hastings Pear Grower

R J Flowers Ltd in Tywford, Hastings have just completed commisioning their 6 new controlled atmosphere rooms built onsite to store their Pears long term.

R J Flowers had been storing their pears off site for many years in leased CA rooms and finally decided to take control of their own destiny and store the pears onsite where they could monitor and and pack the pears themslves.

Hort Air Services was succesful in winning the contract to supply and install all the controlled atmosphere equipment onsite for R J Flowers Ltd.

Hort Air Services supplied a double tank CO2 scrubber, PSA Nitrogen Generator, Ethylene Scrubbers, Automatic CO2/O2 controller and all additonal accessories. 

Benoit from ABSOGER in France travelled to NZ to oversee finally installation and commisioning.

For more on Hort Air Services range of controlled atmosphere equipment please contact us. 


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