2 March 2019

R J Flowers of Twyford has become one of the most innovative control atmosphere sites in Australasia.

4 years ago Ron Flowers decided he would build his own CA rooms to store his pears onsite rather than contract store them offsite where he had no input and or control over the other sites control atmosphere rooms which lead to mixed results.

 3 years on and R J Flowers pears are now some of the most sort after pears on the New Zealand domestic market annually.

R J Flowers are always looking to tweak things to make small gains to continually improve their pears while in storage.

The latest improvement R J Flowers has just completed commissioning of is a Australasia first, ABSOGER DYNAMIC PRESSURE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Dynamic pressure management is connected to ABSOGER’S supervisor V7 controller allowing for real time pressure management in each individual room onsite.

By measuring real time atmospheric pressure in each room we are able to maintain a small positive pressure inside each room at all times. Some main advantages of the DPM system are

·      Up to 40% energy savings on older CA installations

·      No more leaks and introduction of O2 into your room

·      Consistent and stable atmosphere levels creating better quality fruit during storage

·      No more air bags required thus eliminating a main leakage point and storage of heated air which in turn makes your refrigeration equipment work harder and longer

As like most older CA installations around the country ABSOGER’SDynamic Pressure Management system will turn your old costly leaky rooms into a new modern efficient easily manageable control atmosphere rooms.

If you would like to learn more about how this state of the art system can save you money and time then call us to discuss and receive an obligation free appraisal of your CA rooms

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