22 September 2016

Nitrogen Generators

Hort Air Services ABSOGER Nitrogen Generators consist of two towers containing Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS). Air is compressed, dried and purified before entering the towers. Oxygen is absorbed on the CMS and nitrogen enriched gas leaves the tower. While one tower is producing nitrogen the other one is regenerated CMS by depressurisation.
How do Hort Airt Services ABSOGER Generators work together with KAESER compressors, dryers and filters?
  • Through communication between the air compressor and the PLC of the N2 generator - if air pressure is low, the generator stops automatically and gives the alarm.
  • The generator automatically drains condensates present in the compressed air.
  • Through an activated carbon column. Its goal is to protect the N2 generator in case of failure upstream.
  • Recording of data measured (air and N2 pressure, N2 flow rate and purity, alarms, etc.)
  • Allowing remote access through the internet (this enables the user to check the equipment from anywhere). Email alerts can be sent in case of failure.


What are the advantages to you - the customer?
  • Lower consumption price/m3
  • on-site production with compressed air
  • Elimination of delivery problems
  • Elimination of evaporation losses (storage of liquid nitrogen)
  • Elimination of nitrogen tank renting
  • High quality piping for extended durability
  • Automatic condensate drains
  • Many isolation valves to facilitate any maintenance operation
  • Activated carbon column for the N2 generator protection
  • Heavy duty components made to last
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) that is efficient and reliable
  • The user can change and choose at any time the N2 purity provided by touching the PLC touch screen
  • Sound moderator inside its acoustic box
  • Automatic purge of the impure N2
  • N2 flow meter
  • Pressure regulation valve in order to give priority to one of the two N2 exit.

If you are interested in having a discussion about getting a compressor, dryer, filter and nitrogen generator package installed for your application, please contact us on +64 (0) 27 2959 623 or

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